却想着改变世界。 年轻人, 来日方长…

Dawuge, 湖南大学在读本科生,信安协会成员, 轻微工作狂, 缓慢成长中。

喜欢安静的夜晚, 也不介意喧闹的集市, 喜欢旅行, 也珍惜与家人朋友相聚的时光。

我的github,👉 戳Github 虽然现在没啥子东西。

联系方式: 邮箱-> phwjtctd@gmail.com, 欢迎来与我交流.

Yet another man.

Hi, I am @huxpro (Huang, Xuan), a software engineer & a designer. I am currently working on Reason and Messenger.com at Facebook. I previously worked as Web Front-End Engineer at Alibaba Trip; Web Front-End Infrastructure Team Lead at Wepiao.com; And Invited Consultant on PWA at Ele.me.

I studied Digital Media Art and graduated from Communication University of China by 2016, and am studying Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology from 2017.